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13 and a half magazine issue 5 is here!!!!

13 and a half magazine issue 5 is here!!!!

13 and a half magazine issue 5 is here!!!!

13 and a half magazine is a chopper magazine about the chopperculture from around the world.

Made by a few chopper fanatics and distributed by Motorcycle Storehouse dealers like me.

Magazine isn’t the right word for it, it’s more like a complete book than a magazine with over 140 pages of chopperstuff.

What’s the price of al this awesomeness you ask? 13 and a half magazine is free of charge. Get your free copy with every order that is shipped as a package. If you just want the magazine, get it here and you will only pay for shipping to your front door.

This issue features the bad-ass softail choppers that are owned, built and ridden by the Picturebooks. The bikes were made for their “Loud Guitars and Sissybars Tour 2017” from last summer but these bikes are meant to be ridden so that’s just what they keep on doing. If you haven’t heard of these guys than you really should check their website, spotify or youtube to hear their music.

Further more in this issue you will find a lot of tech tips by James Roper Caldbeck, a inside view of Hamans Chop Chop in Japan and off course loads of other chopper related stuff.


Rick Cazemier

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  1. Hallo!
    Do you have any old numbers 13andhalf magazines?? Thanks for answer.
    Best regards Seba>

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