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60’s Style Chopper Update

60’s Style Chopper Update

It has been a while since we’ve posted a project update on the website. To make it even worse; we’ve haven’t done that much on the hardtail project in the past few month’s. The bike was nearly ready to roar for the first time but then we changed plans 🙂

We’ve stumbled across a project that had been laying around in a barn for over 20 years. The previous owner had some engine problems and decided to bring it to a friend mechanic. That friendly mechanic quickly found the problem in a cracked set of cams and due to financial problems the bike was stored in a shed where it remained for over 20 years.

We where able to buy this project and saw it’s potential. Only the cams where chewed up but the rest of the engine looked almost as new. The best news was, there was a complete bike in the shed with a matching title and the price was a no brainer. So we loaded the remains of the bike on our trailer, filled the car with the remainings parts and started with parting out the bike and looking for a fresh set of cams.

Currently we’re working on a stand for the cranksshaft to balance it out perfectly. Once we’re done the actual rebuild of the engine will start. With a fresh engine and a matching title we will actually win time in the end since the bike is ready to ride once the engine is done. Just bolt the engine in and start rippin. We’ll deal with paint and details once the bike made his first kilometers. 🙂

That doesn’t mean we don’t think about a cool looking paint job. De colour is still on debate but it sure as hell wil have flames. We’ve started with yello/gold flames but probably will end up wit purple since the Purple Vans grips ar looking so good. Who knows 🙂


Rick Cazemier

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