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About RJC

RJC-Choppers is a webshop with the main goal to offer the best quality and service for a reasonable price. Therefore we try to give you multiple options in the webshop. If your looking for that one specific part than we can probably find it for you. The webshop shows the actual products in stock and/or products that have to be ordered from on of our suppliers. When a product is in stock it usually takes 2 workdays to deliver it anywhere in the Netherlands. For other country’s an estimate will be made when your order is final.
Products that have to be ordered from on of our suppliers may take 3 to 7 workdays the deliver anywhere in the Netherlands. It can happen that a product curently  isn’t available from one of our suppliers. In this case you will be notified be e-mail and if still needed the part will be sent to you as soon as possible.

If your missing a part in the webshop but you’re certain that one of our suppliers can deliver than don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation. The webshop is updated almost daily so don’t hesitate to visit us another time to see the new products.


RJC Choppers also has the possibility to assemble/mount the parts that have been ordered trough the website. If you would like to make use of this service than feel free to contact us.

Note; RJC-Choppers is a parttime operation so our time and space is very limited. Hopefully we will be able to expand our business so we can help out everybody and even create the possibillity to come and see our work when you feel like it. In the meantime the web shop and email are always there to help you out.

Origin of RJC :

RJC Choppers is an idea that has been around since I was a little kid. I come from a family where riding is our second nature and where’s a lot of passion for custom motorcycles. For as long as I can remember I stood by my fathers side to help him fixing motorcycles, cars and everything else that needed fixing.

When I finished my highschool I chose a technical study to increase my technical knowledge and improve my practical skills. To finish my mechanical engineering study I had do a internship, I plucked up enough courage and asked the local Harley dealer if I could intern there. From the first moment I walked inside I knew this was what I wanted to do .  I learned a lot at that time about the technique of Harley’s but also the manufacturing of various components . I also got a lot of freedom in the (re) building of various engines . During my internship there was also a report made for the Dutch Biker magazine “Bigtwin’ . What is more bad-ass for a young 18 year old boy than being featured in a magazine while fiddling with Harley’s.


After completing my internship I helped for a while in the garage but I had already made the choice for myself that I wanted my own business. To do this there was a only one problem. Which bank will loan a 19 year old boy the money to buy a Harley and start his own motorcycle shop.  In order to solve this problem I had two options. Looking for work or go to college so I would have a better chance for a better job. Since there was no demand for mechanical engineers the choice was easy in those days.  During my study I was still busy preparing for my big dreams. To build my own Harley and own a motorcycle shop. Ever since I started my internship I’ve been busy gathering parts, but the cost of my college study resulted in a pile of parts that is far from a complete motorcycle.

During my last internship , there was finally a breakthrough. I was able to save some money and could finally move on with my dreams. Eventually I came across an old Ironhead. Everyone thought it was a horrible ugly thing but I saw the potential. Through the seller I was also able to do some motorcycle engineering courses, specialized in Harley Davidson. Once the courses were completed and the motorcycle stood safely in my barn, I was sure about it, this could be my dream chopper and I could finally start RJC-Choppers.

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