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Fresh Parts for the Webshop

Fresh Parts for the Webshop

We’ve been busy the last few weeks. Besides adding a load of new helmets from Roeg to the shop we’ve also worked our asses of to create some cool chopper parts inhouse. Further more we just got word from the Dice Headquarters that Issue 95 is on it’s way over.

New Roeg Helmets

ROEG is the first one that has released their brand new collection. We’ve allready added them to the webshop so get yours before their gone.

Resin Point Covers

And we’ve been bussy ourselves. With some fresh resin, a lot of pattience and a little bit of spare time we’ve created the first of our point covers. These will fit any bigtwin or sportster engine up to the Twin-Cam. Covers come with two fresh stainless bolt and a fresh gasket.

More colors are being produced as we speak.

Resin Skull Style Valve Caps

Further more we’re working on some new colors for the valve caps. See the selection of skulls we have below.

Resin Diamond Style Valve Caps

And of course the diamond version in the same colors. Just like the point covers, we are working on some fresh colors as we speak.

Fresh Stickers

Last but not least we’ve added two fresh stickers to the shop. One to show your love for choppers and one to show us some love.


Rick Cazemier

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