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Fresh Parts from our own workshop

Fresh Parts from our own workshop

Last couple of months we’ve been working hard to create some cool chopper parts on our own. To be honest that is what RJC-Choppers got started in the first place. In search for a cool sticker to add to our own bike we decided to create our own sticker. That same Warning sticker is still one of our favorite stickers and still is available on the website.

Over the years we’ve added soms other cool stickers, patches and merchandise to build our own brand in the motorcycle industry. We strongly believe that just selling parts from a catalog isn’t the right way to contribute to this industry. You have to fully understand what you are selling and what other builders are looking for. The last couple of years the industry has been flooded with small company’s that just add a complete catalog of a large importer to their website. Or they claim to be unique but just sell parts that someone else has worked very hard for. The huys behind these company’s propably never touched a spanner in their life but are just looking for a quick profit.

But enough about the stuff we don’t like. What do we like; building choppers and helping others to build their dream bike. No matter if it’s a chopper, bobber, cafe racer or whatever. To do so we try to supply as much parts as we can to help creating your dream bike. And if we can’t find it at one of our suppliers but feel the need to supply it anyway, we create it ourselfs. Therefore we are working on some prefab metal parts for various solutions. As soon as they are ready you will be the firtst to hear about them.

Valve Caps

The last thing we are working on are these valve caps. They come in two designs, a small skull or a diamond shape. So far we have them in three colours but fresh colours are almost ready to be added to the shop. We cast them ourselfes in limited batches so don’t sleep!!!!


The thing that started it all, the warning sticker. Our collection has grown over the years but we still love to make these. We design them ourselves and they are produced in small batches.


Same as the stickers. It started out with a question from a customer. We decided to create our first patch from a sticker design and the rest is history. When we have a cool design in mind we try to turn them into a cool sticker and/or patch.


Last but not least is the merchandise. What better way to spread the word than with soem col merchandise. We try not te be a shirt company that also sells motorcycleparts so the designs are limited. But sometimes a sticker design is to cool not to make it into a T-shirt.


Rick Cazemier

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