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Fresh reading material for those rainy days

Fresh reading material for those rainy days

With the days getting shorter, wetter and colder it’s time to prepare your bike for a winter makerover and get inspired by other bikes. Besides our regular selection of magazines we’ve added something new. The good ald favorite, Choppers Magazine.

So add one of these babbies to your shopping cart and get inspired!!

Choppers Magazine

In 1967, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, car and motorcycle customizer and father of Rat Fink, launched the Choppers Magazine, the first true custom bike magazine.

It featured wild choppers and the first paintings by David Mann. Unfortunately, the magazine was discontinued by Roth in 1970 and the first Easyriders magazine was launched.

In 2018, former WRENCH editor Cary Brobeck decided the world needed a Choppers Magazine comeback.

He was to be proven right, and involved all his Easyriders Magazine friends after that venerable magazine gave up the ghost.

Today, Choppers Magazine still covers the best custom creations, current road trips, artists in the scene and events.

An important part of custom motorcycle history has now come back to life with this magazine.

Dice Magazine

Probably one of the best Chopper magazines out there.  Made by a few chopper fanatics with cool pictures and stories from around the globe.

If you have gear-head tendencies and want to see motorcycles being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world … the kind of machines that are fondled by the wild-eyed and sleepless … then here you are. 

13 and a half magazine

Last but certenly not least is 13 1/2 magazine created right here in the Netherlands. The editor of the magazine is one of the most distinquesed photograpers in the dutch/european chopper scene. That in combination with a easy to read writing style and loads of connections makes this one of the best magazines in Europe. There is even one thing better compared to the other two magazines. This one is for free!!!!!

Fresh parts from TC-Bros

But there’s more. Besides th fresh batch of reading material we also added a lot of cool parts to the webshop. SInce a few weeks RJC-Choppers has become the only distributer of TC-Bros parts here in Europe. We’ve added a few parts to the site allready but will be adding a lot more in the near future. zo stay tuned.

Fresh RJC-Choppers Specials

And the last parts that are in need of a special highlight are these decals. We managed to get a hold of two variations of the old oak leaf logo decals to freshen up you oil tank or workbench. What ever suits your need. There is even better news about the AMF decals we had in our shop since day one. We managed to find our old drawings a a fresh batch of decals is being printed as we speak. Make sure you get an alert once they are back in stock again.


Rick Cazemier

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