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Raw Power, HD Lowrider S

Raw Power, HD Lowrider S

Beauty comes in many forms. Sometimes beauty is shown on the outside with outrages paint jobs, perfect lines and a killer stance. And sometimes the beauty is hidden for those unaware. Not saying that this bike isn’t a cool looking bike but there is much more than meets the eye.

It all started with a stock 2020 Lowrider special that was a little bit to tame for the new owner. The owner was used to very light bikes with loads of power. After a few laps around the block he knew that this brand new bike was lacking a little bit of power, at least according to his taste. We can’t really agree that the M8 engine is tame. 🙂

So just after breaking in the engine it was already time to take it apart for a full rebuild. With boxes full of part form S&S and Screaming Eagle this engine was transformed into a 128 Cubic inch Monster with 145 Horses and 215 Nm of torque. Just a little bit more than the standard M8 😉

Something for the eye

Besides a complete transformation of the engine there were also some subtle cosmetic changes made to the bike. The classic decals on a Vivid-black paint job remained the same but the tank was finished with a smooth dash cover for a cleaner look. The gauges therefore had to be relocated to the handlebars and were shielded with a Dirty Dixi fearing.

Loud Pipes, Save Lives

Loud pipes are cool as hell but unfortunately regulations in the Netherlands make it almost impossible to ride a newer bike with a loud exhaust. Therefore a solution was found with a local company called Jekill and Hyde. They are know for there street legal exhaust systems. They also allow you to roar the streets with a loud exhaust due to a electronic adjustable valve.

A special exhaust for clubstyle bike was already in the making so what you see here is the first ever adjustable 2-1 Exhaust by Jekill and Hyde called “Project 21”.


Rick Cazemier

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