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Lowbrow KR-Style Bolt-on Hardtail XL 67-78

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Lowbrow KR-Style Bolt-on Hardtail XL 67-78

In addition to the straight leg style bolt-on hardtail sections, that are mostly used for chopper projects of Ironhead Harley-Davidson motorcycles,

Lowbrow Customs now offers rigid bolt-on hardtails sections that are inspired by the early KR race bikes with the looped frame.

So if you are looking for something special for your next Ironhead Bobber project and are nostalgic about racing, you can kill two birds with one stone by using this hardtail.

The frame tubes on these tail sections are bent in one piece, just like back then, and the axle plates are welded into the loop.

Mounting can be done without much difficulty and without messing up the original frame too much. Made by hand in the USA, Ohio, from 1″ x 0.125″ thick steel tube, and 5/16″ thick axle plates.

Fits all 1967-1978 ironhead sportsters (1967-1969: only XL and XLH).


Most stock installed components remain. Rear wheel, axle and brake can be remounted as before.

Rear axle adjusters and a frame mounting kit are also supplied.

For correct assembly, 2″ of the rear fender struts must be cut off, otherwise the frame remains untouched.

The bike’s dimensions will change by 4″ in length and -2″ in height.

This means that you will need a longer secondary chain and longer brake rods.


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