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Update on Geert’s Chopper

Update on Geert’s Chopper

Update on Geert’s Chopper

Somewhere in the north there is a guy working like a madman to finish his  sportster chopper. Most of the fabwork is already done so time for some electrical work.

With some drawings downloaded from the web and a little advice here and there, he started working on his electrical system. As center of his electrical system he made a stainless steel box that houses the main switches and is the starting point for most electrical circuits. The box is positioned next to his oil tank so it’s easy accessible. All the wiring including the lights, ignition etc is all wired from scratch and ready to fire up now. Ready that is until the tank and oil tank return from their cleaning bath.

Just before prepping the tanks he made a neat little petcock at the bottom of the tank. When the tanks are cleaned they are ready for paint. Since Geert is a Huge AC/DC fan we can guess what the artwork will look like.

See the slideshow below for all the pictures from the project so far.




Rick Cazemier

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