Black Friday Sale 2019

Yes, holiday season is here so time for a Black Friday Sale. Just like previous year we give you the change to score some parts with a additional 10% discount by using coupon code “BLCKFRY19”. Only this year we will do it with a little twist. Yes you can use a code and yes you will get a discount. But since we do this with a passion for motorcycles and not a passion for growth, money or some other material motive, the code only works on RJC-Original products. Just a small stimulans for you to support us in our mission to be the best instead of the biggest/cheapest shop out there.

We’ve got tons of ideas to become the best shop out there but need your support to achieve these goals. Just a small token of your appreciation and we will do our best to become better.

The code is valid from friday 00:01h till sunday 23:59h. So three hole days to score your support parts with some discount.


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