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Brams Frankenstein Dyna

Brams Frankenstein Dyna

Every once in a while there is someone that does excactly the opposite of what others do. For instance Bram with his Dyna. Most guys turn their Dyna into a black clubs tyle speed monster. Some twist that syle a little with an outrages paint job but never did we see anything like this.

Shovel power!!

This Dyna allready had an open heart surgery in the form of a 1500cc Shovelhead motor instead of the stock Evolution by it’s previous owner. Appart from that this bike could have been the next clubstyle monster but with an bigger and older engine. That was untill Bram became the owner. With a preference for 60/70’s style choppers it was a done deal that this wouldn’t become a next clubstyle bike.

Change of plans

After teardown it became obvious that this bike will never be his dream chopper so time for plan-B. Another addittion by the previous owner was a wide glide front end. Plan-B had something to do with lanesplitting, so the wide glide had to go. With a narrow 39mm front end and the Pangea speed handlebar the first part of the narrow line was set.

Next up was some much needed rubber. The stock rims allreade made their way to the other side of teh garage so a new set of black on black wheels where made from scratch. With a 19 / 16 setup this bike looks well proportioned and wouldn’t have looked this good with a 16/16 or 21/16 setup .

 Brams Frankenstein Dyna

Narrow lines

To finish the narrow lines of the bike a Sportster tank was modified to hide the square backbone of the frame. Further more a fatboy front fender was sacrificed to create a short fender to keep the mud of you shirt. The rest of the bike was finished while keeping in mind, less on the bike means less weight so more power to spare 🙂 So no front fender, no mufflers, nu indicators just the bare essence of a bike that wants to go.

Bram build his bike under a very tight deadline. Halfway through his build he agreed on taking this bike on several trips. No worries if you have all the time in the world but pretty harsh if you have to do it with limited space and no time to spare. All in all on the day of the deadline, and with the fresh paint still sticky, it was time to wake up the neigbours. With a loud rumble the Shovelhead came back to life in and hasn’t had a misstroke ever since.


Rick Cazemier

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