Dice Issue #86 and #87 are on their way!!!!

Dice Issue #86 and #87 are on their way!!!!

Yes, great news from the other side of the pont again. The latest issue of Dice magazine is on it’s way over here. We expect them to be here within two weeks. Besides issue 87 there will also be a few of issue 86 added. They both have been added to the website already so get them while there here. If they sell quick than we can get a whole lot more and even some older issues.

We also added a few DVD’s like 6-over, 6 over slight return and halfway to nowhere. These are already gone but we can add a new batch to or next DICE order. So if you’re interested than please let us know so we can add them to our next order.

We also have a few copies of issue 85 and 84 in stock. Get them before their gone. There’s always a possibility to get them when their out of stock here but you will have to wait until the new issue is on its way.

Dice magazine #87
Dice magazine #87
Dice magazine #86

Rick Cazemier

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