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38MM DIY Exhaust parts (Stainless)

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38MM DIY Exhaust parts (Stainless)

Building your own exhaust has never been this easy. With this selection of 38mm parts you can create every exhaust you desire.

Just select the parts that you need and tag them together. In any which way you like.

The wall thickness of the parts is 1.5mm and the material is Steel.

You can choose one of the following tubes:
– 38MM x 30 degrees Tube with mouthpiece
– 38MM x 45 degrees Tube with mouthpiece
– 38MM x 60 degrees Tube with mouthpiece
– 38MM x 90 degrees Tube with mouthpiece
– 38MM x 180 degree tube WITHOUT nozzle
– 38MM x 490MM Tube with mouthpiece
– 38MM x 990MM Tube with mouthpiece

The tubes are also available in plain steel and in various diameters.


These exhaust parts are distributed by Motorcycles united. 

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Motorcycles United

Motorcycles United

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38MM x 30 degrees Tube, 38MM x 45 degrees Tube, 38MM x 60 degrees Tube, 38MM x 90 degrees Tube, 38MM x 180 degree Tube, 38MM x 490MM Tube, 38MM x 990MM Tube


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