VG Replica Frames back in the shop!!

We’ve had these in the shop before but now it was time to cut out the middle man. From now on RJC-Choppers is dealer for the well know VG-Motorcycles frames.

These frames are the perfect basis for your top notch restoration or new chopper/bobber build. Since these are reproductions the dimensions and details closely follow the factory counterparts. Most castings feature raised numbers and markings just like the factory used them. The brake shaft tube has pressed-in bushings which are reamed to size and each frame comes with its period correct toolbox mount.

Knucklehead hardtail frames

Since all the frames are handmade to order the delivery time may take up to 6 weeks. But since these frames are so good it’s worth the wait. You want something special with your frame? No worries just contact us and we can add or delete some of the tabs for you.

Panhead Hardtail Frames

Panhead Swingarm Frames

Besides a sh*tload of hardtail options there are also two swingarm frames available. Combine them with the oldstyle swingarm we have in the shop and you have the start of the best swingarm chopper you can image.

New 13 and a half merchandise

Besides these awesome frames we also got word that the new line of 13 and half merchandise is about to be released. We’ve already added some to the weshop so you can see for yourself. Most of it is bound to be released within two weeks. So pick your favorite merch, select a size an get an allert on product level to be the first to hear the new merch is available.

Ps. There are going to be some awesome new caps available as well so stay tuned.


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