A weekend out with the boys

A weekend out with the boys

So, About last weekend. The guys picked me up for a surprise bachelor party road-trip.

Last saturday started out as any other saturday. While having breakfast with the kids and the misses we we where brutally abrupted by the sound off a couple of motorcycles turning up the driveway. My friends decided it was time for my bachelor party and instead of a “traditional” party they took me for a little road trip.

I had 30 minutes to get my gear ready, change clothes and prep the bike. With that all sorted we took of too the north of the Netherlands using nothing but freeway. Turns out the guys arranged a some time on a shooting range to practice our hunting skills. Turns out only one of us has ever tried this before but after a morning of skeet shooting we all are all pro’s now ๐Ÿ™‚

From there on we took it slow and discovered some beautiful backroads on our way from Biddinghuizen to Zwolle. Turns out the “Veluwe” is very popular with others bikers because we sure as hell weren’t the only ones there. After driving for a couple of hours we parked our bikes on a small campsite near Zwolle to have some food and beers in the town of Zwolle.

The next morning we started with a gas station breakfast and began on our way back home. We took the rest of the roads we hadn’t taken the day before and with a little sunshine on our faces we slowely but surely drove south.

I think this was the best bachelor party ever so I would’t change a thing. Thanx for the good times guys



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