Extra Extra, read all about it. New parts!!!

Extra Extra, read all about it. New parts!!!

It where a few quiet months but that doesn’t mean that we did absolutely nothing. On the contrary, backstage we where workig our asses of. Besides processing all orders we are working on a lot of things to improve the webshop and new parts that we want to fabricate under our own name. But more on that in a later post. 😉

Fresh Patches

First up are the tons of patches we added to the shop. We worked out a few designs on our own and had them made to our own specifications. Besides the Dependable Chopper Parts patch based on the Champion logo we also added the Ride Choppers patch based on an old Harley sticker. Best about these two is that they also come as a sticker.

Like mentioned earliers we also had a lot of our own design stickers made. Besides the Dependable Chopper Parts and Ride Chopper parts we also have our latest addition to the RJC family, The number one Ride Choppers, based on the classic Harley Number one logo.

Motorcycle parts

Secondly we added a load of cool chopper parts to the shop. We have always been a fan of the Easyriders ribbed fenders but unfortunately they are no longer available here in the EU. So we had to look for an alternative. We’ve been searching long and far but finally found them. So we proudly present the four versions of the legendary ribbed wassel style fenders.

There are loads more parts that are added to the shop but we want to highlight two other parts. Just like the ribbed fenders we also looked everywhere for a food alternative for some nice Pullback handlebars. We found four handlebars that might suit the true chopper fanatics. Two narrow versions and two slightly wider version. But there is more to come. As we speak the last piece of our bender is on it’s way over so we can start fabricating a new batch of DIY Pullbacks.


Rick Cazemier

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