Fresh Lubricants

Fresh Lubricants

Time for a little website update. Even though we weren’t that active on social media lately doesn’t mean we were still hanging in our hammock ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides a lot of work in the shop we also did a lot of work regarding the performance of the website. If all went well your shouldn’t have noticed a thing besides a website that works a little bit faster.

Panam Oil

On to the good stuff. We’ve added a new brand of lubricants to the website. Panam oil. These lubricants are specially designed for the older Harley models but will also work with other older bikes. There is a lot more available form Panam but we started with these six to cover the basics, Egine, Primary and gearbox. Other products will be added shortly.

Ribbed fenders

Unfortunately our beloved brand Easyriders JP is hard to come by these days so the all time favorite Ribbed wassel style fenders from Easyrider are no longer available. Luckily we found a new version form Throttle Addiction. These fenders are a exact replica of the originals so they will look awesome on your chopper project. We are still on the lookout for other suppliers with these style of fenders so keep an eye out for updates.

Megalon fish grips

Last but not least we’ve found an affordable solution for the Fish scale grips form Lowbrow. Lowbrow stopt distributing these grips to Europe but luckily we’ve found an alternative. Available in a 1’an 7/8″version to fit every custom project.


Rick Cazemier

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