Fresh site, reading material and awesome parts.

Fresh site, reading material and awesome parts.

Some of you may have noticed the look and feel of the site has changed a little bit. Besides searching for new parts, giving tons of advice and try to work on our own bikes we also try to keep this website to work the best it can. Over the years we recieved a lot of feedback about the site and decided it was time to change it up a little. Just another look an a few buttons that make it easier to finish your order.

13 and a half magazine

It took a while but finally the latest issue of 13 and half magzine is here. Due to the whole Covid-19 thing it took months to finish this edition so lets hope the next issue wont take this long.

We recieved boxes full of magazines more than enough to make sure you will get your copy.

While youre there make sure to check out the 13 and half merchandise we supply. Loads of cool stuf to make you look cool and show your support to this magazine.

Narrow pullback handelbars

Next up are these super narrow Pullback handlebars. A few years ago we supplied the ChopperKings handlebars that were prety similar. Unfortunately this company died a silent dead and we needed to find a new supplier. With these we think we’ve found a good alternative.

1″ Diameter and 3,5 ” spacing to fit any Harley-Davidson triple tree and some Japanese bikes.

Alpine hearing protection

last but not least we’ve added some hearing protection for thos long trips. Tour, Race or a combination pack. We can advise the Race version when driving with an open helmet and near to non mufflers ๐Ÿ™‚


Rick Cazemier

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