Let’s Kick it!!!

Pangea speed, mounting bracket for jockey shift

Let’s Kick it!!!

We’ve added a new section to our website for those off you that like the oldschool way of shifting gear and starting your bike.

In the transmission section you can find all parts related to kicktarting your bike, jockeyshifting and footclutch.

For instance a complete kickstart kit for your 91-03 Sportster so you can concvert it into a cool kickstart chopper instead of simply pressing a button.

V-Twin Kickstart kit, 91-03 XL, Chrome cover

Or a complete set to turn your 4-speed into a Suicide clutch/jockey shift bike. With this complete set you can transform any ratched top 4 speed bike into a deathtrap chopper.

Jockey Shift Kit for Big Twin

To top it al off we added some kicker pedal, kickers arms and transmission base plates to complete this section. For now that is, we will be adding a lot more stuff next week like complete transmissions and more small related stuff.

So stay tuned.



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