New Dice magazines are on their way over!!!

Dice magazine #80

Issue 81 of Dice is about ready to be released and off course we will get a few of the latest issue. We’ve just placed our order so it will take a about two weeks before they will ship out. We will also add couple of issue 80 so enough reading material. The good news is that they are bothalready available for pre-order.


Besides issue 81 and 80 we also have a few older issues on sale for you. So get one before their gone!!!

New Dealer!!!

Since last week we are also sell parts from Custom Chrome. Custom Chrome is one of the biggest suppliers out there so we are very excited to be part of this. Custom Chrome has a lot of parts that are also available through our other suppliers so for us it’s just an extra back-up that we can always deliver what you’ve ordered. 

Besides a extra back-up for us we now also have access to a whole lot of new and cool stuff. For instance the products shown below. We already started by adding the Chopper Kings Handlebars, some All Balls generators and some Lucas Style taillights but we will add a whole lot more in the next coming weeks. 



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