Project update

Hardtail Ironhead project

Hardtail project update

I can’t say that i haven’t done much with my free time in the last couple of months. One thing i can say is that very little of that time was spent on my personal project. The fact that i’m going to marry this spring isn’t helping me to make some progress on the hardtail.

A few months ago i managed to tagweld the complete oil tank. It still needs final welding and all the bungs have to be fitted. Further more i found a nice set of drum brakes a while back. It was a complete rear hub/drum for a 74/78 XL and a front drum for an old Triump Pre unit. The rear hub is now fitted with some fresh bearings and i can start with adding a new hub and spokes to turn it into a complete wheel. Luckily I made the frame wide enought so the drum brake can replace the disc brake wheel is was using. The front drum brake is a whole different story. After spending some time on Google I learned that it originale was a 7″ TRW500 front drum. The tabs of de brake plate were allready removed and the drum and hub were chromed by one of it’s previous owners. It looks like the complete setup is narrow enough to fit in my 35mm front fork so the search for original Triumph parts is on.


Daily Driver

Steel in need of some TLC my trustworthy Ironhead is silently waiting in the shed. She is allready covert in parts that need to be fitted but the lack of time resulted in nothing more than that. Still two weeks to go before i’m allowed to ride again so the pressure is on. Give my girl some TLC and do the winter makeover during the season ๐Ÿ™‚


Luckily there’s also some progress made on projects. Geert completed alle the cables for his front brake with all the Barnett parts he got from me. With the dual drum brake in front his project should have enough stopping power to make your eyeballs pop out while braking. Als his biggest fear for this project is starting to take shape. He started with is electrical system so he is able to start his bike any time soon. Geert is making a “rough” harnass right now and will add some cloth covered wire when it will be finally installed on the bike. Last but not least he shipped his seat out for upholstery. In a few weeks the seat wll be ready to be shown to the rest of the world.


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