Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Battery, Lithium Ion, 12V, 6Ah, 4 cell

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Antigravity Battery, Lithium Ion, 12V, 6Ah, 4 cell

This battery is best used for kickstart only bikes or race track applications where extreme weight loss and ultra compact size are desired. It is also often chosen by custom builders who want the smallest battery to tuck out of the way

W x H x D: 112 x 95 x 34 mm,

net weight: 450 g,

12 V, energy rating: 27.22 Wh,

with adhesive backed foam mats,

Made in the USA, gross weight: 639 g

Note 1: Lithium-ion batteries require suitable battery chargers. Automobile or motorcycle chargers for lead/acid batteries can cause damage to Li-Ion batteries because they charge in a different way.

Note 2: The upper limit for charging voltage is 14.4V. Antigravity recommend Cycle Electric regulators, who have a reputation for respecting this limit: “We always suggest the Cycle Electric regulators. Either the Low or High output regulators from them work great with our batteries.” We can’t emphasize enough this sentence and recommend: Whoever is not 100% sure about his existing regulator, should pamper himself with a Cycle Electric regulator, in addition to the Antigravity battery.

Note 3: For the caring charge of this battery a Cycle Electric Low Charge regulator is recommended.

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Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries

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