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Yuasa Battery, YB7-A, 12 V, 7Ah, 105cca

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Yuasa Battery, YB7-A, 12 V, 7Ah, 105cca

Yumicron batteries have a special chemical formulated  ‘Sulphate stop’.

When the battery is left in a close to discharged state a crystal like material is formed on the battery plate surface.

This causes a higher resistance to conductivity and the battery becomes unable to store a full charge.

The “Suplhate stop” formula drasticly reduces crystal build up on the plate surface and expandes the life of the battery.


Stock replacement for Harley-Davidson 70-78 XL and 71-78 FX. Kickstart only.

Dimension  137 x 76 x 135MM

Yuasa Reference: YB7-A


Note: These batteries come without any fluids due to safety regulations. You will need to purchase this separately.


These batteries are distributed by Motorcycle Storehouse.

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