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Choppertank “Elipso”, Teardrop Style 1,6 GAL

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Choppertank “Elipso”, Teardrop Style 1,6 GAL

Small, narrow and round STATE PRISON chopper tank called “Elipso” in teardrop style.

Comes unpainted with screw-in gas cap for the perfect round shape.

There are two ¼ inch fuel tap connections at the end of the tank for optimal use of the fuel capacity of about 1.6 gallons, which is an insane 6 liters.

  • STATE PRISON “Elipso”
  • narrow, small, round – teardrop style
  • sits high on top tube (low tunnel)
  • 1.6 gal. (approx. 6l) capacity
  • 2x 1/4 NPT fuel tap connection
  • screw-In fuel cap mount (H-D from ’83)


Tank dimensions: 41 cm length x 22 cm width x 20 cm height. Total length including the support lugs 46 cm. The recess to accommodate the frame tube is 6 cm wide, approx. 5 cm at the front (approx. 7 cm at the end of the lug) and approx. 3 cm deep at the rear.


Note: It is advised to pressure test, seal and test fit all tanks before tanks are painted and installed.


These Tanks are distributed by  Dock 66.

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