Latest Issue of DiCe magazine is in!!!!

Dice magazine #83

They’re here!!!!. Is DiCE #83 has just been released and already it’s available in the shop. We also have several copies of issue #82 in stock so knock yourself out en get your latest chopper reading material.

Dice magazine #83
Dice magazine #83

Besides the two latest editions we also have a few of the older issues on sale. Out of stock? No worries, DiCe is distributed Bi-monthly so therefore we can add your favorite DiCe merchandise and/or back-issues to our order.

Kellerman ultra small lights

We also added some ultra small taillight/indicators from Kellerman to the webshop. With these small indicators you won’t have bulky indicators ruining the lines of your build but still have a bike that meets the modern day standards.

Kellerman also has some taillights to math these indicators. They will be online soon so stay tuned.


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