DIY Season is here!!!!

Hardtail Ironhead project

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is definitely over, rain is pouring and the temperature outside is only for the die-hard bikers. So what to do with all that spare time, DIY season is here!!!!

TIme to tear down your bike and rebuild it so it’s ready for another season. Or maybe time to finish that project that has been sitting in the garage for way to long. Anyway, time to get your hands dirty and start making some shit.

Tabs for rubber grommets

For this DIY season we’ve added a lot new tabs to fit all those parts to your bike. Latest addition are the weld on tabs that allow the stock grommets, as used on many Harley parts, to be used. This way you can mount your oil tank, battery or whatever in rubbers so they will last longer. Of course we have a lot of other tabs that will probably solve all your fabrication problems.

Sheet metal

Next up is a load of sheet metal to fabricate your own parts. We’ve got a selection of bare steel, stainless steel and aluminium in various sizes/thickness to help you create your own special project.

Exhaust pipes

Last but not least we’ve added a few more DIY Exhaust parts. There were a few already on the site but our selection is now complete. In combination with our mufflers, clamps and Biltwell Exhaust flanges you can create your own custom exhaust to fit your project.


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