New Biltwell colours haven been released!!

Just in, Biltwell just dropped of there first shipment of the new Bonanza, Gringo, Gringo S and Lane Splitter in Europe. For now Motorcycle Storehouse is the only remaining importer of Biltwell and lucky for you we supply Motorcycle Storehouse parts and therefore the new Biltwell Helmets.

Biltwell Bonanza

Girts up is the all new Biltwell Bonanza. They’ve added 4 new colours to this years line-up. Our personal favorite is the Black Holeshote Edition. Of Course all Biltwell helmets are made with the same care as all the previous models. Just some small improvements and a shiny new colour.

Biltwell Gringo

A instant hit since they first came out due to there classic design. This year the Gringo is back with some sharp looking colours. Add a cool set of shades to ride or add a bubble shield to keep the rain out of your face.

Biltwell Gringo S

The same awesome shape as the Gringo but now improved wit a flip up shield. No need for a additional bubble shield, just flip it down and you can go for hours.

Biltwell Lane Splitter

The most sporty one in the Biltwell line-up. These look awesome on your Clubstyle bike but will also look cool while cruising on your chopper/bobber.


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